FUT 24 Squads

Check out the recent EA FC 24 squads made by the FifaUTBin community.

MVPNameFormationCreated on
best team ever fc24 MVP player imagebest team ever fc244-3-317.04.24
Under 1 Million MVP player imageUnder 1 Million3-4-2-116.04.24
Brazil MVP player imageBrazil4-2-1-316.04.24
 the best team MVP player image the best team3-1-4-215.04.24
Liverpool FC MVP player imageLiverpool FC4-3-303.04.24
totc MVP player imagetotc4-3-3 (4)03.04.24
goat  MVP player imagegoat 4-3-3 (4)03.04.24
favourite team MVP player imagefavourite team4-3-3 (2)03.04.24
bundesliga MVP player imagebundesliga4-1-4-103.04.24
England national footbal.. MVP player imageEngland national footbal..4-3-303.04.24
Saudi pro league  MVP player imageSaudi pro league 4-3-3 (2)03.04.24
aston villa MVP player imageaston villa4-3-303.04.24
spurs MVP player imagespurs4-3-303.04.24
arsenel MVP player imagearsenel4-3-303.04.24
chelsea MVP player imagechelsea4-3-303.04.24
man city MVP player imageman city4-3-303.04.24
Liverpool MVP player imageLiverpool4-3-303.04.24
inter miami MVP player imageinter miami4-2-3-103.04.24
The goats MVP player imageThe goats5-4-129.03.24
Liverpool Prime F.C MVP player imageLiverpool Prime F.C5-2-1-229.03.24
main MVP player imagemain4-1-2-1-2 (2)28.03.24
RyZe MVP player imageRyZe4-3-322.03.24
amazing team MVP player imageamazing team4-2-422.03.24
Full Toty MVP player imageFull Toty4-3-316.03.24
Chelsea past and present MVP player imageChelsea past and present3-4-1-215.03.24
real madrid MVP player imagereal madrid4-1-2-1-2 (2)15.03.24
ajax MVP player imageajax4-3-315.03.24
THE BEST EVER MVP player imageTHE BEST EVER4-3-315.03.24
el imperial madrid MVP player imageel imperial madrid4-3-3 (3)14.03.24
my 55 million Fut coin s.. MVP player imagemy 55 million Fut coin s..4-3-314.03.24
My team MVP player imageMy team3-1-4-213.03.24
Best 100k squad: Prem MVP player imageBest 100k squad: Prem4-3-313.03.24
Best 100k team: serie a  MVP player imageBest 100k team: serie a 3-4-2-112.03.24
Best 100k squad: la liga MVP player imageBest 100k squad: la liga4-4-211.03.24
Anuel aa MVP player imageAnuel aa4-3-2-111.03.24
atual MVP player imageatual4-4-207.03.24
Team Messi  MVP player imageTeam Messi 4-3-307.03.24
Pele MVP player imagePele4-3-307.03.24
wolverhampton MVP player imagewolverhampton4-3-3 (4)06.03.24
ronquetones jr MVP player imageronquetones jr4-1-2-1-2 (2)05.03.24
Tomia Squad MVP player imageTomia Squad4-3-3 (4)04.03.24
bvbvb MVP player imagebvbvb4-3-3 (4)04.03.24
man city squad MVP player imageman city squad4-3-329.02.24
unbeatable MVP player imageunbeatable4-3-328.02.24
toty team MVP player imagetoty team4-3-328.02.24
LoKuraFC MVP player imageLoKuraFC4-3-3 (4)28.02.24
DinkydooFC MVP player imageDinkydooFC4-2-427.02.24
Team 1 MVP player imageTeam 14-4-1-127.02.24
Celtic are washed MVP player imageCeltic are washed4-3-327.02.24
Sweeters MVP player imageSweeters4-3-326.02.24
GOAT TEAM MVP player imageGOAT TEAM4-3-326.02.24
idee1 MVP player imageidee14-3-320.02.24
ronqetes jr MVP player imageronqetes jr4-2-416.02.24
garnachos army MVP player imagegarnachos army4-3-314.02.24
easy sbc
 MVP player imageeasy sbc 4-3-308.02.24
draft simulator fc MVP player imagedraft simulator fc4-3-3 (5)08.02.24
fut strategy MVP player imagefut strategy4-3-308.02.24
fut ai MVP player imagefut ai4-3-308.02.24
future centurions MVP player imagefuture centurions4-2-406.02.24
fut spins MVP player imagefut spins4-3-331.01.24
Per arne MVP player imagePer arne4-3-3 (4)31.01.24
futwiz squad MVP player imagefutwiz squad4-3-3 (2)31.01.24
THE GOATSSSSSS MVP player imageTHE GOATSSSSSS4-2-429.01.24
futhead tribute MVP player imagefuthead tribute4-3-329.01.24
Chelsea P&P MVP player imageChelsea P&P4-3-3 (4)16.01.24
Josef new team MVP player imageJosef new team4-3-3 (4)28.01.24
futbin cheapest list MVP player imagefutbin cheapest list4-2-430.01.24
futgg MVP player imagefutgg4-4-214.01.24
madfut 24 Ultra MVP player imagemadfut 24 Ultra4-4-230.01.24
jspot MVP player imagejspot3-4-302.01.24
Dijon fc MVP player imageDijon fc3-4-1-214.01.24
ea24 Squad MVP player imageea24 Squad4-2-430.01.24
PITUFILLOS FC MVP player imagePITUFILLOS FC4-2-409.01.24
dream team fc MVP player imagedream team fc3-4-2-130.01.24