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How To Use The Card Creator?

Creating a personalized FIFA card is as simple as playing a friendly match. Our tool is designed for fans who love to add their personal touch to FIFA Ultimate Team. No need for expert skills; just follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll have your custom card ready in no time!

Select the Edition:

Start by picking the FIFA edition you’re crafting the card for. This ensures your card matches the design of the current or a previous season’s style.

Choose Card Size:

Decide whether you want the standard-sized card to showcase in your collection or a mini card that’s great for sharing online.

Design Your Card:

Make your card stand out by selecting visual enhancements. Add a glossy finish, a sleek overlay, or even special icons that represent player achievements or roles.

Enter Player Information:

This is where you personalize the card:

  • Name: Type in the name of the player.
  • Position: Choose where on the pitch they play.
  • Club and League: Link your player to their club team and the league they play in.
  • Nationality: Select the country the player represents.

Set Player Image:

Bring your card to life with an image. You can choose an existing player photo or upload a custom picture. Remember to use images you have the rights to!

Set Player Ratings and Skills:

Tailor the player’s ratings to reflect their performance. Adjust pace, shooting, passing, and other skills. This is what makes your card truly unique.

Customize Chemistry:

Pick a chemistry style that suits the player’s strengths and your strategy. This will highlight their abilities in specific areas, enhancing their performance on your ultimate team.

Review and Save:

Take a moment to review your card. Make sure all details are as you want them. Once you’re satisfied, click on the download button to save your creation.

Share Your Creation:

Now that you’ve crafted your own FIFA card, why not show it off? Share it on social media, with friends, or use it to spruce up your gaming setup.

With these easy steps, our card creator tool ensures that you don’t just play the game but also get to add a bit of yourself to it. Dive in and express your love for the game by crafting a card that speaks to your passion for football and gaming. Enjoy the creativity and have fun making your ultimate FIFA card!


Can I create a card for any FIFA version?

Absolutely! Our tool supports all FIFA versions from FIFA 16 right through to EA FC 24. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic about past seasons or want to celebrate the latest in football gaming, we’ve got you covered.

What can I do if I’m not sure which design options to pick?

Feel free to experiment! Our card creator is all about trial and error to see what looks best. There’s no limit to how many times you can customize and preview your card, so go ahead and try different styles until you find the one that captures the spirit of your ultimate team.

Is it possible to edit my card after downloading it?

Once you’ve downloaded your card, it’s yours to keep as an image file. If you want to make changes, simply come back to our tool and recreate the card with your new ideas. It’s as easy as starting a fresh game!

How can I use my custom FIFA card after creating it?

Your custom FIFA card can be used in various fun ways! Share it on social media to compare with friends, print it out for a personal collection, or even use it as a unique profile picture. It’s a digital asset that shows off your passion for FIFA.

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