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FifaUTbin offers the best insights on the FIFA Ultimate Team. With EA FC 24 prices, player ratings and much more for FUT enthusiasts worldwide. Build competitive squads. Open FC 24 packs and create custom cards all in one place.

Futbin Introduction

FIFAUTBIN is your go-to source for live data of every FIFA player’s FUT card including older and newer versions with accurate prices of all major platforms like XBOX PC & Playstation. It’s an essential tool for anyone serious about building a competitive FIFA team. With our innovative features you can effortlessly compare player stats. Find the best deals and stay up-to-date with the latest FUT market trends.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting we will provide you the tools you need to dominate the game.


What Does FIFAUTBIN Offer?

We provide a variety of tools to help you improve your skills and decision-making in the universe of FUT. Use our squad builder tool to up your game or have some fun opening FIFA packs using our pack opener tool. If you’re in the mood to create custom FIFA player cards we’ve got you covered. Give our card creator tool a try with card versions from FIFA 16 up to FC 24 giving you full control to make exactly what you want.

Core Features of FIFAUTBIN.COM

  • Complete Player Database: Find all versions of FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) cards for any player in our huge database. Whether you need the newest cards or older ones we’ve got you covered.
  • Price Tracking: Keep up with changing market prices with our price tracking feature. See current and past prices to make smart investments and improve your team.
  • Stat Comparison: Easily compare player stats to find the best ones for your team. Our simple comparison tool helps you check key attributes and make good choices for your squad.
  • Market Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends in the FUT market. Our market trend analysis helps you stay ahead of others and make smart decisions to boost your team’s performance.

Features of FIFAUTBIN
FIFAUTBIN Squad Builder

Squad Builder ✅

Our advanced Squad Builder tool allows you to create the perfect lineup. Experiment with different combinations, test out new strategies and see how your team stacks up against others. Whether you’re aiming for the top division or just having fun our squad builder is designed to help you succeed.

Pack Opener 🔮

Experience the thrill of opening packs with our Pack Opener tool. Just like in the game you can open packs to find new players rare cards and special items. See what you can get and build your dream team from scratch. It’s exciting and a great way to discover new players.

FIFAUTBIN Card Creator

Card Creator 🚀

Our Card Creator tool lets you design your own custom player cards. Choose your favorite players, set their stats and create unique cards that stand out. Whether you want to create a dream team or just have fun with custom cards this tool gives you the freedom to personalize your FIFA experience.

Join the FUTBIN Community

Connect with other FIFA enthusiasts on our platform. Share your strategies and get advice from seasoned players. Our community is here to support you in every step of your FIFA journey. Below are a few perks for FIFAUTBIN users:

  • Live Data: Access detailed information on all FIFA 24 players.
  • User-Friendly Tools: Easy-to-use tools for building and managing your team.
  • Fun and Engaging: Enjoy our interactive tools like the pack opener and card creator.

Community Support: Join a community of passionate FIFA players.

Get Started with FIFAUTBIN

Start Your FIFA 24 Journey with FIFAUTBIN

Ready to take your FIFA 24 game to the next level? Use our tools and join our community to become a top player. At FIFAUTBIN we provide everything you need to succeed.

Just Wow! FIFAUTBIN helped me big time. I was a bit skeptical at first but they proved me wrong. My FIFA Ultimate Team has seen a real boost in performance and the best part is that the tools are so easy to use! The Squad Builder helped me create a balanced team and the Pack Opener was super fun and rewarding. Customer service was super friendly and helpful whenever I had questions. Highly recommended for people looking to up their game!

– Toby P

I’m thrilled with the results from FIFAUTBIN!  I noticed an improvement in my team almost immediately after I started using their Squad Builder. It’s great to see real stats and build a team with the best players. If you’re serious about dominating FIFA 24 FIFAUTBIN is the way to go.

– Sitesh B

FIFAUTBIN has been a game changer for my FIFA experience. Since I started using their tools my gameplay and strategy have improved significantly. The Pack Opener is exciting and addictive and the Card Creator lets me design unique player cards that stand out. The tools are user-friendly and incredibly effective. I couldn’t be more happier.. Thanks for making fifa so easy and enjoyable.

– Jared K


How do I use the Squad Builder? Our Squad Builder tool is easy to use. Select your desired formation, choose players for each position and see how they fit into your team. You can experiment with different combinations and strategies to create the perfect lineup.

What is the Pack Opener tool? The Pack Opener tool lets you simulate the excitement of opening FIFA packs. Check out rare cards and special items just like in the game. It’s a fun way to explore and build your dream team.

How can I create custom player cards? With our Card Creator tool you can design your own custom player cards. Choose a player, set their stats and customize the card’s appearance. This tool allows you to create unique and personalized player cards.

Is FIFAUTBIN free to use? Yes, FIFAUTBIN is free to use. You can access all our tools including the squad builder pack opener and card creator without any cost.

Why should I use FUTBIN? We offer runtime data on FIFA players user-friendly tools and a supportive community. Whether you’re looking to build the best team or trying to find new players or create custom cards and has everything you need to enhance your FIFA experience.

How often is the data updated? Our data is regularly updated to ensure you have the most current information on FIFA 24 players ratings and market trends. This helps you make informed decisions when building your team.

Can I share my custom player cards? Yes you can share your custom player cards created with our Card Creator tool. Show off your unique designs to friends and the FIFAUTBIN community.

What platforms are supported? FIFAUTBIN works on all devices including desktop mobile and tablets. Our tools are designed to enhance your FIFA experience on all major platforms like PC PlayStation and Xbox. With live prices of FUT cards and detailed info on latest SBCs.