EA FC 24 Squad Builder

Make Your FUT Squad

How To Use Squad Builder?

Step 1: Starting Your Squad

  • Choose your formation. Consider your play style and preferred tactics.
  • Select a formation that suits your strategy.

Step 2: Adding Players

  • Search for players by name, league, nationality, or team.
  • Check players’ stats, chemistry, and price.
  • Drag and drop players into their positions.

Step 3: Managing Chemistry

  • Focus on building good chemistry between players. Players from the same league, nation, or club have better chemistry.
  • Position players in their natural roles for optimal chemistry.

Step 4: Balancing Your Squad

  • Balance your squad in terms of attack, midfield, and defense.
  • Consider the work rates and skills of each player.

Step 5: Saving and Sharing Your Squad

  • Once satisfied, save your squad.
  • Share your squad with others for feedback or suggestions.


How important is chemistry in my squad?

Chemistry is crucial. It affects players’ performances on the pitch. High chemistry boosts players’ abilities, while low chemistry can hinder them.

Can I compare players before adding them to my squad?

Yes, our squad builder allows you to compare stats of different players to see who fits best in your lineup.

How can I improve my squad without spending too many coins?

Look for underrated players with good stats, consider player chemistry, and keep an eye on the market for good deals.

Can I build multiple squads?

Yes, you can create and save multiple squads for different purposes, such as a main team, a fitness team, or experimental lineups.

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